one and only (love)

My job definition is taking photographs of unique people.

Some are in their motherhood moment.

Some are still little.

Some are being with someone they love.

One thing is...they are all awesome.

Wee and Yan are from Singapore. Though they aren't literally working on creative industry, both of them are artsy people. Wee is very skillful at playing some music instruments and even taught piano in his past. Yan is talented and into many (a lot, really) creative things and ideas. They love to travel and we're lucky enough to meet and get to know them on their short trip here, in Yogyakarta.

We planned a casual candid shot theme. Yan brought her simple elegant dress and did her own make up. Then, we decided to make it the one and only experience that will last. We managed to find a route that includes 9 spots in one day (some were quick stops but they're unique).

To photograph them for us is like witnessing vividly how in love they are to each other.

It's a genuine love, A love that is first for both A love that already last for 9 years A love that is able to make us smile when looking at their pictures and.. A love that will remain tomorrow and forever.



From Wee & Yan Couple Session

Photographed by aditz for ardor photo

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