Looked so Good Together!

So, if later one day you and your loved one decide to get your portrait taken for a simple couple session.. let me ask you this, which one is the most important for you to have in a couple session photo?

a. Beautiful wardrobe b. Flawless make-up c. Breathtaking location d. All of the above

How many here said d. All of the above?

Do you think it's safe to say, everyone?

Hey.. guess what? The most important one is actually not in the list.

Sure you can look gorgeous with beautiful wardrobe and flawless make-up at a breathtaking location but if your personality cannot shown or you don’t share any chemistry with your partner, I can tell you right now that your pictures might not be as beautiful.

On the flip side, if you’ve got nothing else but chemistry with each other, your pictures could be perfect! And, as a bonus you’ll make it so much fun because capturing a strong personality and intimacy of a relationship is simply addictive for us.

Cakra and Intan had all the necessary components to make the perfect couple session portraits. They were so honest, so real, so transparent toward each other, and so fun to be around.. they made the entire shoot such an unforgettable experience for me. Their confidence shone through in every shot I took and they were so natural, seemed they're having so much fun with each other as if I wasn't there. They looked so good together.

I truly enjoyed making their portraits, but I enjoyed spending time with them more. Thank you, Cakra and Intan, for sharing your story and for the memorable experience.

And for those who love simplicity and more intimate moment with a bit vintage style for your couple session, this is for your inspiration.



Photographed by Aditz

Brushed by Ribka Fong & Danila Lee Dress by Seyvia Charis

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