in Darkness and Light

This is a repost of our personal project 2 years ago called #indarknessandlight. It took us almost 6 months for the preparations and 6 days for photo videoshoot

at several locations in Yogyakarta and Klaten. Introducing @marthamei , a ballet dancer and teacher

who are also a photography enthusiast. We also think that she can play music instruments and maybe even singing. Such a talented artist, don't you think? :) . The main concept of the project was to capture some sport dance portraits combined with a little fashion details. The theme was inspired from traditional Swan Lake performance composed by Tchaikovsky in the 1870s where the Black Swan (Odile) and the White Swan (Odette) were played by the same ballerina.

That's why in the photo session, @marthamei played the role as Black Swan as well as White Swan. One thing that also noteworthy is that the tutus (ballet dresses/skirts) were handcrafted from hundreds of straws by @keziakarli photographer: @arsditz dress&makeup: @keziakarli project assistant: @iryawanlie photoshoot assistant: @bram_santoso talent + choreographer : @marthamei

#photo #ballerina #indarknessandlight #indoballet #ballet #sport #photography #odile #odette #balletindonesia #dancephotography #balletphotographer

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