HELLO , GOODBYE! (video)


Why 'hello'?... and why 'goodbye'?

We think that those are the exact words to describe this project that begun with the vendors who are coincidently met. We, Ardor Photo, met Seyvia Charis for the first time in Jakarta, early 2017... after having a little chit chat with her, we found out that we have the same vision and planned to make a project together one day.

2 months later, we were hanging out at a cafe in Yogyakarta when we met Emma, an exchange student from France, and we were spontaniously ask her to join us in the project and guess what... she agreed in the first place ;) yeaay..

Not long after, we met Ribka Fong, who are turned out to be an old friend of Seyvia Charis, whose later become one of the participate vendors in this project. What a fortunate coincidence for us all! :)

Long story short, this end of May, we finally done a photo session at one of the beaches in Yogyakarta. For us, that experience felt more like family picnic or a culinary trip rather than a photoshoot session. We went together in a minibus to the beach and enjoy fresh seafoods at the beach.

The photo session itself is more toward natural theme, semi-candid with a touch of fashion 'spices'. This project is a small 'hello' from and for us; and our small 'goodbye' to Emma, our new friend, who will come back to France mid of this year.

Photographed by @arsditz for @ardor.photo

Videographed by @_baguseko_ for @ardor.photo Dress by @seyviacharis Brushed by @ribkafong_mua

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