Hi, this is supposed to be a brief words about Ardor, but we want to let you know that we prefer to meet,

talk and get to know more about you at the first place.


It's always been our pleasure to visualize your romantic moments and love stories into art, combine them with Ardor signature style.

Ardor style? We fall in love with contrast. We obviously like to play with deep shadows and bright highlights,

sometimes, we try to match color of your outfit with contrasty background, find unique or "weird" element on site to

build nice composition, or maybe even take your happy moments at "not so pretty" places.


As a destinaton photographer, we love doing picturesque shot, but more than that, we strive to feel the connection between humans through photos, that's why we also want to be a storyteller of your amazing journey. We can help to give directions about the poses according to the session's theme, either you want the result to be more classic, artistic, candid or just natural.

Just feel free to tell us more about your preferences, because we want these to be interesting process for us both.


Above all, we loves anything about photography and it is more and more become our deepest passion.

That is where our name, "Ardor", came from and for you who don't know,

ardor [ahr-der] means passion; a strong feeling of energy or eagerness;


a strong feeling of love.

aditz founder ardor photo



is the founder, photographer and man behind every creative aspect of Ardor. Photography is his true passion and a magical path

where he can express himself to communicate with the world.

He is a big dreamer with architecture educational background.

He loves movie, music, traveling to new places and even fashion world.

Those things influence Aditz's pieces somewhat unique

regarding the visuals and compositions.

He spreads cinematic touch and a bit excitement of fashion

to make them become timeless classic work of art.

As secretly romantic-hearthed person,

he will embrace your stories into his works.

It’s not just his talented eyes

that is going to remind you of the moments with him,

the way he involves and makes you as a friend during the process does.

Aditz believes that passion is the key to live life to the fullest,

as his favorite quote, “Live the life you love, love the life you live”.